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Spray Foam Insulation Ireland is a site dedicated to providing information on spray foam insulation applications and products supplied and distributed by CPI Foam Ltd which is based in Wicklow 40km from Dublin. We supply a nationwide network of contractors in both Southern and Northern Ireland all of whom are professionally trained to use open and closed cell spray foam insulation. All our products are CE marked and are certified by the NSAI meeting the highest building standard required in Ireland. Spray foam insulation is now more price competitive now making it a very cost effective Insulation solution.

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Spray foam insulation has become the most energy efficiient and cost effect insulation material in Ireland ove the past 5 years. Spray foam insulation can be used in residental, commercial, agricultural and industrial applications and can be modified to meet any requirments.

The price of applying spray foam insulation in Ireland depends on the area to be installed (attic, wall shed etc), the depth of insulation required, whether it open cell or closed cell and if there are any access issues. For example, the cost of spraying an attic or loft using open cell spray foam insulation includes the cost of the breathable vent card required under building regulations to create a 50mm air gap between roofing felt and insulation material, which allows your timbers to breathe. Always ask your contractor if a breathable vent card is required.

To find out exactly the cost of spray foam insulation in your situation, contact us and we will put you in touch with one of our qualified NSAI registered contractors.

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